Brooklyn Pizza derives from the dream of two friends with a shared a passion for food and a love of New York. We’d came across a local Pizza business for sale and the opportunity sparked our interest. Through various discussions we begun to come up with our own brand and concept for such a venture, harnessing our passions and potential opportunities.

Naturally we strayed towards looking at various venues. A few become of interest and we walked into our current site on Fish Street Northampton and fell in love with it. It was very much a blank (and dusty, neglected) canvas having laid empty for the past 4 years and had a very much unique character and charm about it.

We submitted an offer which was soon accepted and the dream started to become very real very quickly (well despite the 6 month legal process).

Its a venue which very much harnesses our heart and sole and the venue was rebuilt from the ground up by ourselves, friends and family.

Over the following 12 months as business developed, new opportunities came our way which lead to the growth of the brand and where the following venues in Wellingborough and Rugby sprouted from.

Coming Soon